Building on the Solid Rock

Ground Breaking Ceremony, August 7, 2014

Not too long ago, at the corner of Parkwood Boulevard and Lebanon Road in Frisco, Texas, stood a grassy, flat, and unassuming plain. But a lot's happened since Insight for Living Ministries celebrated a groundbreaking on this land in October 2014.

Now, the site is bustling: earth and limestone cut through, foundation carefully established, steady hum of concrete pouring, walls painstakingly erected. The air is thick with anticipation, hard work, and dust.

The Great Commission was never given to be studied as an end in itself. Never. It was given as a plan for action. There is movement in these words, “Go,” “Teach,” “Make disciples.” There’s activity. Why do you devote your life to Jesus? You devote yourself to Jesus for what you’ve got to share.

The new international headquarters of Insight for Living Ministries stands as the symbol of an exciting new chapter in the ministry's history. It's our first home, but it also symbolizes our burgeoning expansion of the ministry worldwide! We're excited to extend our ability to serve and equip followers of Christ, both at home and abroad.

The international headquarters positions us to carry out Vision 195—our plan to reach and teach people in all 195 countries of the world through broadcasting, resources, Bible training, and the Internet. We're increasing our capacity to train and launch more translators, more pastoral mentors, and more international interns to meet the critical demand in areas of the globe still lacking the wealth of trusted biblical resources and the message of God's grace that we so freely enjoy.

We praise God for His provision and also for your support. Each brick that is laid serves as a reminder of God's generosity in empowering believers to fulfill His Great Commission.